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praktiThe series of light trailers with foldable drawbar- tilted trailers300-750GVW
proThe series of light unbraked trailers designed for professionalists300-750GVW

A feature of these trailers is the front and rear opening ends.

ecoThe series of light trailers suited for home and garden use300-750GVW

Compact and convenient trailer range design for domestic use and light commercial duties.

pro breakThe series of heavy duty trailers with overrun brake750-1500GVW
boatThe series of trailers for carriage of boats and yachts500-3500GVW
carRobust and reliable vehicle carrying solution1600-3500GVW
motoRange of trailers used for point-to-point transportation of motorbikes400-500GVW
quadThe series of trailers for transporting quads400-1000GVW
builderThe series of heavy duty trailers - perfect suited for plant machinery or other heavy loads1600-3000GVW

The TEMA Builder trailer range is designed specifically for transporting smaller items of plant such as micro-excavators and has been standard equipment for many plant users and plant hire companies.

transporterTransport trailers900-3500GVW
woodThe series of light unbraked trailers with plywood sides 300-750GVW

Trailers are sold in 2 drawbar options – either permanent or foldable (tilted trailer). As far as suspension is concerned you can choose either standard independent AL-KO torsion beam-axle option or our excellent balance lever suspension equipped additionally with shock absorbers.