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1st place of Temared Group - New PZPM report

Despite the challenges that 2022 brought us all, we put a lot of effort into achieving even better results than the year before. New models, new directions, strengthening brand relationships and values.

We are glad that this commitment can be seen, e.g. in the results of the report of the Polish Association of the Automotive Industry.

We are pleased to inform you that despite the decrease in the market of light trailers in Poland by 14%:

1. In 2022, the Temared Group was number 1 among manufacturers of trailers with a GVW of up to 750 kg

2. The Temared brand took first place in terms of the number of registered trailers for the fifth month in a row

3. In December, the market fell by 18% and sales of Temared trailers increased by 5%

At such a moment, it is worth mentioning that behind the results, quantities and numbers there is a large group of people whose work builds the company and the Temared brand.


P.S. It's not everything. Soon we will have another very good news for you.

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