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Builder trailers in winter scenery

We have already seen forklifts, construction haulers, small road rollers and dozens of other heavy machinery on the highly popular Temared Builder series trailers.

Most often, however, you can find these trailers carrying mini excavators in companies that provide earthmoving services.

We had the opportunity to participate in one of such actions, which resulted in amazing photos of the Builder 2615 trailer.

If you are considering choosing a trailer for transporting construction equipment, learn about the 13 features of the Builder series:

  • a series dedicated to the transport of mini excavators and other construction machines
  • solid welded construction that guarantees safety and high load capacity
  • the ability to walk along the entire length of the rigid side boardssides
  • height enabling full rotation of the mini-excavator cabin
  • mini-excavator bucket support mounted above the drawbar
  • strong springs to facilitate lowering and raising the rampspecial supports stabilizing the ramp during the entry/exit of the machine
  • numerous securing belt hooks along the transport surfacelow center of gravitysupport wheel with automatic folding as standardspare wheel under the bucket support or mounted vertically next to the support
  • option of light and durable split aluminum rampsfloor option made of corrugated aluminum sheet
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