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The new Moto Premium line

The Temared Moto Premium line of trailers is a solution for the most demanding users. The trailer allows you to transport from one to as many as three motorbikes comfortably and safely. It has all the advantages of the Moto series models and several new useful features such as the possibility of filling the transport space with aluminium, additional holders for attaching transport belts and an overrun rail concealed under the floor.

Underfloor mounted overrun rail

Unlike standard trailers in which the loading rail is bolted to the structure from above, on the Moto 3 Premium the loading rail is retracted from the side under the transport surface and secured with a special fastener.

Additional holes in the guide rails and 12 handles on the outline

The large number of holes and brackets provides a convenient way of attaching the cables and transport straps to ensure the motorbike is securely and stably secured for transport.

The wider spacing of the rails to give more space between the motorcycles

The new design has allowed a few precious centimetres of space to be gained between the motorbikes to be transported, increasing the comfort of loading and proper securing for transport.

Axle- or spring-based suspension

You can choose a type of suspension based on a reliable single axle from the renowned Knott brand or on sturdy leaf springs.

Drawbar-mounted spare wheel option

It's always a good idea to be prepared for a tyre puncture on a long journey away from home. A drawbar-mounted spare wheel will allow you to change quickly and continue your journey.

Drawbar-mounted transport box optional

The Moto Premium trailer can be ordered with a drawbar-mounted tool box for storing small accessories for your trip such as transport ropes and straps, covers and work gloves. Here, however, you are faced with a choice: box or spare wheel due to the amount of space available.

Aluminium infill possible

Until now, trailers in the Moto range could be ordered in two versions: either without infill of the transport surface or with plywood infill. On the Moto Premium line trailers, instead of plywood, you can opt for corrugated aluminium, which looks even better and ensures longer durability.

Full LED lighting

The version with aluminium infill will be equipped with a full LED lighting kit (at no extra cost), which completes the modern and stylish character of the trailer.

New wheel blocker design

We have built our motorbike front wheel blocker from the ground up, which offers great scope for easy adjustment to suit the design parameters of the vehicle being carried.

Thicker guide rail plate

In order to maintain a good relationship between the strength of the structure and the weight of the trailer, which translates into the available load capacity, we have used a thicker guide rail plate in the Moto Premium range to guarantee even greater stability.

Transport surface tipping function

The drawbar can be uncoupled at any time and the transport surface can be tilted, making the overrun angle on the trailer even smaller and more comfortable.

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