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The strongest on the market

We don't often mention Temared trailers from the Scaff series for scaffolding, but today we have three interesting facts:

  • one Temared Scaff 3500 trailer accommodates scaffolding that can be set up across the entire width of a football field and extends to the second floor
  • the whole set has as many as elements, but don't ask how long it takes to assemble
  • they are most popular on the roads in Norway, where it is known as the strongest trailer on the market

If you are still thinking about buying, learn about the 14 advantages of Temared Scaff trailers:

1. Specialized use. Scaff is a series of scaffolding trailers.

2. Convenient loading rack . The possibility of adjusting the position of the arms, which allows you to adjust to your needs as well as quick and convenient loading of scaffolding structural elements.

3. Three models in the series. The series consists of three models: Scaff 1500, 1800 and 3500 with different dimensions and GVW in the range of 1500-3500 kg.

4. Solid construction. In the largest two-axle Scaff 3500 model, the frame is welded, in smaller ones, the construction is bolted.

5. Load capacity up to 2685 kg. The largest of the models, the two-axle Scaff 3500 weighing 815 kg allows you to transport a load of 2685 kg, and the Scaff 1800 model half that.

6. Accessory box. The trailer is equipped with a capacious lockable box for scaffolding accessories.

7. Easy load securing . A large number of security points for the transport of transported elements.

8. Branded chassis. Suspension based on braked axles from renowned manufacturers AL-KO or KNOTT.

9.Automatic support wheel. A rubber wheel with an automatic folding mechanism with increased load capacity for maneuvering heavy trailers unhooked from the car.

10. Branded overrun device. Brake assist mechanism from renowned manufacturers that meets the highest requirements of vehicle technology.

11. All season R13C wheels. The tires work well in all conditions, both in winter and summer, guaranteeing comfortable and safe use of the trailer.

12. Plastic wedges. Wedges on a convenient handle attached to the frame provide additional protection when loading and unloading the trailer.

13. Protected lamps. Rear combination lamps mounted inside a beam protecting them from damage.

14. 13 pin plug. The trailer requires a 13 PIN socket. If you have a 7 PIN socket in the car

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