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Tiny houses on trailers

We have already seen the variety of realisations on Temared trailers such as: saunas, mobile caterings, trade stands, tourist cabins as well as the mobile homes themselves.

Observing the dynamically growing market for small mobile homes, we propose a dedicated solution that is optimal for the realisation of such built-in projects.

1. Plant trailers. Specialised trailers with a GVW of 3,500 kg as the chassis for Tiny House development projects.

2. Two dimensions. Models available with two load internal lengths depending on the planned construction size - 6 m and 7 m, both 2.44 m wide.

3. Robust construction. The base for the chassis is a frame with stringers and cantilevered crossbars that can be moved.

4. Side supports. There are fold-out supports under each corner of the trailer for better stability of the chassis.

5. Load capacity of up to 2858 kg. The 6024 model, with a weight of 642, allows the trailer to be loaded with a payload of 2858. The extra meters of space on the 7024 model reduces the payload by just 45 kg.

6. Branded chassis. Suspension based on braked axles from renowned manufacturers AL-KO or KNOTT.

7. Automatic support wheel. Jokey wheel with automatic folding with increased load capacity to maneuver heavy trailers uncoupled from the vehicle.

8. Branded overrun device. Brake-assist mechanism from renowned manufacturers meeting the highest requirements of vehicle technology.

9. All-season R13C wheels. Tires for all conditions in both winter and summer for comfortable and safe use of the trailer.

10. Plastic chocks. A chock on a convenient handle attached to the frame provides additional security when loading and unloading the trailer.

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