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Welded sides in the Tipper series

When selecting trailers of the Tipper series, it is worth remembering about the new option of strong welded sides with a rear board tilting to the bottom.

welded sideboards made of hot-dip galvanized sheet metal sideboard height 400 mm (H400)possibility of tilting the rear board upwards or downwards strong and durable possibility of dismantling all the sides

And how does the mechanism itself work?

1. unlock the two lower locks of the rear board - a lightweight mechanism, nothing spills out,

2. tilting the cargo box - this version equipped with an electric system,

3.The cargo under pressure on the bottom of the side tilts it and is dumped at the destination,

4.If necessary, we can drive away, and the rest of the material will slide off the trailer,

5.The sideboard will work on the top hinge, and after lowering the box we secure the two locks.

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