1. The administrator of personal data of Customers provided to the Seller voluntarily as part of the Registration and as part of the Seller's provision of electronic services or under other circumstances specified in the Terms and Conditions, is the Seller.

2. Personal data will be processed by the Seller only on the basis of an authorization to process data and only for the purpose of fulfilling orders or services provided electronically by the Seller and other purposes specified in the Terms and Conditions.

3. Personal data provided to the Seller are provided to him voluntarily, with the reservation, however, that failure to provide the data specified in the Terms and Conditions in the Registration process prevents Registration and setting up a Customer Account and prevents the submission and execution of the Customer's order.

4. Anyone who provides the Seller with their personal data has the right to access their content and to correct and delete them.

5. The Seller provides the option of removing personal data from the database, in particular in the event of deleting the Customer Account. The Seller may refuse to delete personal data if the Customer has not paid all amounts due to the Seller or has violated applicable law, and the retention of personal data is necessary to clarify these circumstances and determine the Customer's liability.

6. The Seller protects the personal data provided to him and makes every effort to protect them against unauthorized access or use. The collection of collected personal data of Customers is treated as a separate database, stored on the Seller's server, in a special security zone, ensuring proper protection.

7. The Seller does not transfer, sell or lend the collected personal data of customers to other persons or institutions, unless it is done with the express consent or at the request of the Customer, in accordance with applicable law or at the request of the court, prosecutor's office, police or other authorized authority in the event of breach of the law by Customers.

8. The Seller reserves the right to disclose to companies and websites cooperating with the Seller collective, general statistical summaries concerning the Customers. Such statements concern viewership of Platform’s Webpage and do not contain Client’s personal information.

9. The Seller uses the mechanism of " cookies ", which are saved by the Seller's server on the hard drive of the Customer's end device when the Customers uses the Platform’s Webpage.

10. The use of " cookies " is aimed at the correct operation of the Platform’s Webpages on customers' end devices. This mechanism does not damage the Customer's device and does not change the configuration of the Customer's devices or the software installed on these devices. "Cookies" are not intended to identify customers.

11. The Seller uses the " cookies " mechanism in order to:

a) remembering information about customers' end devices;

b) verification and development of its offer; c ) statistical.

12. Each customer may disable the " cookies " mechanism in the web browser of his device. The Seller indicates that disabling " cookies " may, however, cause difficulties or prevent the use of the Platform’s Webpages.